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    Canary International Pictures was set up in 2020 in Tenerife by Arnaud WYRZYKOWSKI, producer of numerous films, documentaries and television programs in France, and Pierre FELIX, a service producer in the archipelago since 2000, specializing in local production logistics. It was a project to produce a feature film in Tenerife that brought them together at the time. When the Pandemic hit the project was abandoned. However, a friendship was born and the obvious association of talents and knowledge became evident. On the one hand, the geopolitical situation and geological exception of the archipelago with its 8 islands, offering already very attractive tax advantages, Pierre FELIX's local experience and, on the other, Arnaud's extensive network in the industry, not only in France but also in Europe, enabled the creation of the structure that exists today. A logistical, legal and financial base on the archipelago and a permanent contact in France and Europe. And all this to guarantee the success of your next production project on the Canary Islands.

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    Executive Produceur - France

    +33 661 984 975


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    Pierre FELIX

    Executive Produceur - Canary Islands

    +34 616 914 209


  • CANARY INTERNATIONAL PICTURES - Executive production services in canary islands 



    Our company offers executive production services and tax rebate management for internattional production for feature Films, TV series & documentaries in the Canary Islands and provides solutions for producers willing to shoot in the archipelago. The team owns several years of experience in the content industry with strong references in Canary Islands and Europe. The company is also eligible for the domestic tax rebate administration if local spendings fit with government criteria and is registered with the institute of cinematography and audiovisual arts ICCA to apply for the Canary Islands tax rebate. We welcomes projects that have the ambition to tour the Canary Islands, whatever their qualifications. We strive to find the best financial and legal arrangements to take advantage of the exceptional facilities offered by the region with its fabulous landscapes, high quality crews, modern shooting facilities, and a 50-45% up to 54% tax rebate, on of the highest in the content industry in 2023 , if our company is contractually the local executive producer.


    The company offers coproduction financing for european qualified content in getting subsidies and/or presales from Spain and/or France. Projects are analyzed by our team and greenlight if we feel there is an opportunity for a coproduction

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    Under DEV


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    Under DEV


    The company offers producers a tokenization platform to set up club deals with our crypto investors’ community in order to replace fully or partially a senior debt or a gap financing, the mass of creditors are managed by our technical partner. This token issue relies on a portion of the film’s future revenues, it is considered as a senior debt and cannot exceed 22% of the overall budget.

    Our analyst team will look at the financial structure including the sales company, the completion bond and front end revenues. The fund raising will be made on best efforts and its achievement cannot be guaranteed.

    Tax Rebate for International production

    The company is registered with the institute of cinematography and audiovisual arts ICCA to apply for the 50-45%, up to 54% tax rebate, conditions of eligibility depends on local spendings and the nature of spendings whatever the source of funding. The minimum spending is 1 Million Euros and total budget beyond 2 Million euros caped to 36 millions Euros cash back for movies and 18 millions Euros for Tv series episode.

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  • CANARY INTERNATIONAL PICTURES - Executive production services in canary islands

    TAX REBATE for International Productions

    The Spanish Government increase the tax rebate for international production in Canary Islands

    50- 45 % up to 54% Tax Rebate


    Due to the devastating effects of the pandemic caused by the COVID 19 virus, for the economy of the audiovisual sector in the Canary Islands, with a loss of more than 30 million euros by 2020, the Spanish government is increasing the tax benefits in place since 2015, for international production of feature films , TV series , animation and documentaries, with production services within Canary Islands .

    50 -45 % up to 54% * for the first million € spent in the Canary Islands, through the Canary Islands production services and 45% for the following millions €, capped at 36 millions € per movies and 18 millions € for Tv series episode .

    This makes the Canary Islands today the filming destination with one of the highest tax rebate in the world. As such, we manage this support, as well as the entire production services on location, from the birth of the project to the end of the shooting.

    Do not hesitate to contact us to know the eligible costs.


  • 10 avantages to shoot in the Canary Islands..



    3000 hours 

    The most daylight hours of anywhere else in Europe



    7493 sq.m

    Of a wide range of very different and amazing locations 



    23 º Celsius

    Average year round

    One of the best weather in the world


    Tax Rebate 


    for International



    Local Vat


    For international production from

    2 millions € budget



    Corporate tax


    For international production from

    2 millions € budget


    Film Frendly

    100% Safe

    European islands

    with a wide range of accommodatiom 


    EQ Rental

    Quality EQ 

    All last professional Cameras, lights and grips available




    Local Crew

    Professional Crew 

    Local English spoken international production crew



    Planet Earth care Circular economy grouping of locations no use of single-purpose plastics

  • CANARY INTERNATIONAL PICTURES - Executive production services in canary islands



    Executive production

    Canarian tax rebate MANAGEMENT

    Budget Advisor

    Coordination & Production Management

    Post production






    Location scouting

    Location management

    All public and private shooting permits & insurance

    Coast, National Park, Roads, Airports, Drones.

    Roads Blockers Services...

    Shooting insurances


    Cameras and accessories




    Light & Grips


    Pictures Vehicles


    All trusted international crew,

    Production Managers

    Location Managers

    1&2nd director assistants

    Camera operators

    Steadicam operator & assistants

    1&2nd camera assistants

    Sound operators

    DIT operators

    Production Assistants

    Drones pilots,

    Muah & FX artists

    Caractérisation Artists


    Art & Props




    O km normal, religious &vege/vegan Catering,

    Set production kit




    Private security




    Extra talents & cameos

  • CANARY INTERNATIONAL PICTURES - Executive production services in canary islands

    Sustainibility Productions


    Since the Pandemic , our production company has initiated a radical change in its habits and products used. Over the years and following the evolution of new techniques and customs we have :

    • Eliminate single-use and non-recycled plastic.
    • Eliminate small water bottles for 8L tanks so that all our teams and clients can use a personal aluminium water bottle or offer water in recyclable or recycled cans.
    • Eliminate paper for our documents by digitising our organisation.
    • Eliminate the use of small and medium power fossil fuel generators and replace them with electric and solar powered units.
    • Eliminate snacks and catering that was not MILES O.
    • Favouring digital rather than physical scouting whenever possible.
    • Consolidate and optimise filming locations to limit our carbon footprint, as well as the number of production vehicles used.
    • Offer local staff and technical equipment to limit the carbon footprint of our European clients.
    • Adopt since 2023 for our administrative teams outside of shooting days , the 4 day week including 2 days of teleworking, in order to optimise working time, rest and limit travel.
    • Finally and since the beginning, the management of the filming locations used on the archipelago, based on the protection of the environment, the management of waste, cleaning and/or restoration of the said locations, so that no one leaves a trace of our passage and that nature can continue to amaze us.



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